Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the event being held?

The event is being held at Unicoi State Park & Lodge in North Georgia.

When is the event happening?

The event will take place on Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day weekend, from October 11-13, 2024. It will coincide with Helen's annual OktoberFest, which is the longest running event of its kind in the United States.

What will membership cost? 

Membership includes access to all DeepSouthCon 62 events and programming, except those otherwise noted.  We are hoping to secure grants and sponsorships to allow us to offer discounts for first time DeepSouthCon attendees, students and residents of White County. Memberships will be available in summer of 2023. 

How can I reserve a room? What options do I have?

The room rates are $199 for Friday and Saturday and $149 for Sunday. The resort fee of $12 is not included and includes internet, park pass, and shuttle service to Helen. You can also reserve a cabin or campsite within the park. Please make sure to mention you are part of our group when reserving so we get credit for your stay. Hotel reservations will be available in 2024. 

What activities will be available at the event?

The event will include a Hearts Tournament, Phoenix and Rebel Awards, Consuite, and a game room. There will be a limited amount of programming, but attendees are encouraged to bring their families and enjoy a weekend in the beautiful North Georgia mountains.

Who are the guests of honor for the event?

The Literary Guest of Honor is Milton Davis, the Fan Guest of Honor is Bill Harrison, Artist Guest of Honor is Amanda Makepeace and the Toastmaster is John Hartness.

Is the event committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees?

Yes, DeepSouthCon 62 promotes a safe and worry-free environment for all participants. The event does not condone harassment or discrimination based on any protected status and will take whatever action is deemed necessary to address any issues that arise. DeepSouthCon 62 also stands in solidarity with people of all nationalities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations, and denounces bigotry of all kinds.

Is the event accessible for attendees with disabilities?

Yes, DeepSouthCon 62 is committed to providing an inclusive experience for all attendees. The Lodge has four rooms with roll in showers and the park has two cabins with roll in showers. Service animals are welcome in all areas of the park.  If you need assistance, please contact the event organizers.